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Rt. Rev. E. Pushpalalitha

Nandyal Diocese

Early 18th Century William Howell did Evangelistic work in Cuddapah (YSR Kadapa) and Kurnool Districts. In 1842 the Anglican Diocese of Madras accepted the Nandyal area. In 1922, Bishop Whitehead of Madras Diocese (CIBC) transferred Nandyal Anglican area to Bishop of Dornakal, Bishop Azaraiah. Nandyal SPG area was in the Diocese of Calcutta of CIPBC from 1947 to 1963. Nandyal Anglican area was formed as a Diocese on 29th April, 1963 during the Episcopacy of the Rt .Rev. C. W. Venkatramaiah in CIPBC. When the Rt.Rev. Ernest John as the Bishop in Nandyal it joined in the CNI on 29th November 1970. During the time of CNI Moderator’s Commissary, the Rt. Rev. R. S. Bhandare, Nandyal Diocese joined in the Church of South India on 6th July 1975. The Rt. Rev. Pabbathi John was the first CSI Nandyal Diocesan Bishop in 1977.


The Diocesan Headquarter is at Nandyal The Diocese of Nandyal comprises of parts of the Districts of Kurnool, Cuddapah (YSR Kadapa), Ananthapur, Prakasham in Andhra Pradesh State and Mahboobnagar District in Telangana State.

  • No. of Clergy -   82
  • No. of Deacons -   05
  • Regions -   05
  • Deaneries -   14
  • Pastorates -   76
  • Congregations -   354


  • Executive Committee
  • Finance & Stewardship Committee
  • Property Committee
  • Ministerial Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Socio-Economic Committee
  • Religious Education Committee
  • Medical Work Committee
  • Diocesan Hostels Committee


  • Conciliation and Arbitration Board
  • Law and Procedure Board
  • Youth Work Board
  • Lay Activities Board
  • Housing Board

The Bishops worked in the Diocese

Rt. Rev. W. A. Partridge


Start to 1963

Rt. Rev. C. W. Venkataramaiah


1963 to 1967

Rt. Rev. Ernest John


1967 to 1974

Rt. Rev. R. S. Bandare


1974 to 1975 (Commissary)

Rt. Rev. P. Solomon


1975 to 1976 (Commissary)

Rt. Rev. Henry Lazarus


1976 to 1977 (Commissary)

Rt. Rev. P. John


09.10.1977 to 24.08.1985

Rt. Rev. Dr. B. R. Devapriam


25.08.1985 to 04.09.1992 (Moderator)

Rt. Rev. Jason Dharma Raj


05.09.1992 to 1993 (Acting Moderator)

Most Rev. V. P. Dandin


1993 to 1994 (Moderator)

Rt. Rev. S. J. Theodore


1994 to 27.12.1994 (Moderator’s Commissary)

Rt. Rev. Dr. G. T. Abraham


28.12.1994 to 25.09.2005

Rt. Rev. Dr. G. Dyvasirvadam


26.09.2005 to 28.09.2006 (Moderator’s Commissary)

Rt. Rev. Dr. P. J. Lawrence


29.05.2006 to 23.08.2012

Rt. Rev. Dr. E. Pushpalalitha


29.09.2013 to till date

Diocesan Officers

Rev. Dr. Z. Yesurathnam

Vice President

H No.39,Maruthi Mega
City, G Pullareddy
Engg College Post,
Andhra Pradesh- 7.


Rev. D. Samuel Rathna Raju


Holy Cross ,Cathedral-Pastorate-II SPG Church Compound,Nandyal Post  & Tq, Kurnool Dt. Andhra Pradesh


Rev. Bethi Chandrasekhar

Associate Treasurer

CSI Pastor
Andhra Pradesh


News & Events

  • New Church Dedicated in Sivapuram Village
  • New Church Dedicated in Sivapuram Village
  • New Church Dedicated in Sivapuram Village
  • New Church Dedicated in Sivapuram Village
  • New Church Dedicated in Sivapuram Village
  • New Church Dedicated in Sivapuram Village

New Church Dedicated in Sivapuram Village

God has blessed the CSI Nandyal Diocese with his unfailing love towards the people of Sivapuram Village. For the last 15 years, they Did not have Church. People were worshipping God under the trees. But now by His Grace, the people of Sivapuram village in Atmakur Deanery have constructed a new church it was blessed and dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Pushpa Lalitha Eggoni, the Bishop in CSI Nandyal Diocese. In this auspicious occasion the Diocesan office bearers, the laity have participated and glorified God. Thousands of people gathered.

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